Herbaria - Vancouver

Beaty Biodiversity Museum

University of British Columbia

The UBC Herbarium is in the Beaty Biodiversity Museum. The herbarium has five collections, the Bryophyte is the largest of the five collections with 263,000 and growing. It is one of North America's top 3 bryophyte collections and top 5 international bryophyte collections. The strength is British Columbia and the Pacific North West North America and temperate North America, thanks to Wilfred Schofield's life time work in bryology. The Lichen collection is over 46,600 and the fungi is over 24,000 in size. Both collections are growing rapidly with Curtis Bjork's contributions especially in the lichen collection in recent years. For the fungi, there are new interests with fungi research in the department, local mycological society and other contributions.

Contact: Olivia Lee

For more detail information about the collections please visit the following sites:


Curator of bryophytes: Judith Harpel

Fungi and Lichens

Curator of fungi: Mary Berbee

Curators of lichens: Trevor Goward & Curtis Bjork

Herbaria - Edmonton

University of Alberta (ALTA)

The cryptogamic herbarium houses 225,000 specimens of bryophytes lichens and fungi (3rd largest Cryptogamic herbarium in Canada, after CANM and UBC). The CRYPT at ALTA would gratefully receive any specimens collected to add to their collection.

Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, T6G 2E9.

Contact: Catherine La Farge

Royal Alberta Museum (PMAE)

The cryptogamic plant collection, mostly mosses and lichens, forms the largest part of the herbarium and comprises over 110,000 specimens in the main collection. This collection was significantly enhanced in 1995 with the acquisition of the University of Calgary's (UAC) cryptogams.

12845-102nd Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, T5N 0M6.

Contact: Roxanne Hastings

Devonian Botanic Garden

The cryptogamic herbarium houses and extensive collection of specimens collected by Rene Belland. It is a very user friendly collection with specimens organised in alphabetical order.

Spruce Grove, Edmonton, Alberta, T7Y 1C5.

Contact: Rene Belland

Herbaria - Calgary

University of Calgary

Department of Biological Sciences

Since the transfer of the cryptogam collection to the Royal Alberta Museum in 1995 the collection at the University of Calgary was reduced to a single specimen of each bryophyte and lichen found in Alberta with some additional canadian species. The reference collection comprised 601 specimens of lichens, 157 specimens of liverworts and 1058 specimens of mosses. However in 2012 the herbarium acquired 6000 additional specimens of non-vascular plants from Stuart Harris and this year another ca 1000 lichen species will be added from Bernard de Vries. The herbarium is actively encouraging bryophyte and lichen submissions. The herbarium is open to the public during office hours however it is best to contact Bonnie before visiting. Please remember to sign the visitors book when you use the herbarium.

Contact: Bonnie Smith